Assisting FBI Background Checks

There are several ways to obtain a background check from the FBI.  With the proper authorization by the applicant, a family member or friend residing stateside can file an application and obtain the document from the FBI.  There are also third party service providers, such as the one offered by Atlanta Notaries & Fingerprinting in Atlanta, who can help you with your background check application—making things faster and easier.  Finally, there are FBI-approved channelers.  A list of these … [Read more...]

Apostilles on Criminal Background Checks

Many employers require a criminal background check as part of their employment process. In order to get a Georiga apostille, or Great Seal, you need to first get your fingerprints taken. Find out whether your employer would like you to get digital or ink fingerprints done for the background check. In Atlanta, companies doing ink fingerprinting are difficult to find; however, a good fingerprinting company is Atlanta Notaries ( which can get you in and out of their office … [Read more...]