Assisting FBI Background Checks

There are several ways to obtain a background check from the FBI.  With the proper authorization by the applicant, a family member or friend residing stateside can file an application and obtain the document from the FBI.  There are also third party service providers, such as the one offered by Atlanta Notaries & Fingerprinting in Atlanta, who can help you with your background check application—making things faster and easier.  Finally, there are FBI-approved channelers.  A list of these … [Read more...]

Apostille for FBI Issued Documents

The FBI does not issue an apostille for FBI-issued background checks.  The U.S. federal government  handles all the apostilles for documents issued by its federal agencies, including the FBI.  To be eligible for an apostille all background checks from the FBI must contain the appropriate signatures, names, and titles of the official and applicant signing the document.  Without such information, the document cannot be approved for an apostille. … [Read more...]