Background Checks in South Korea

Criminal background checks just got a lot harder for foreigners who want to work in South Korea or apply for South Korea visas. Formerly, any type of Criminal Background Check (including those obtained from the local or state law enforcement agency) would be acceptable for use in South Korea, as it had an apostille certificate.  Nowadays, only Criminal History reports obtained from the FBI (with an apostille) will be accepted. The problem is, FBI Criminal History reports take a lot longer … [Read more...]

Apostille for FBI Issued Documents

The FBI does not issue an apostille for FBI-issued background checks.  The U.S. federal government  handles all the apostilles for documents issued by its federal agencies, including the FBI.  To be eligible for an apostille all background checks from the FBI must contain the appropriate signatures, names, and titles of the official and applicant signing the document.  Without such information, the document cannot be approved for an apostille. … [Read more...]