E-Apostille Now Available in New Zealand

Kiwis who need their documents to be officially verified for use abroad can now apply and receive them electronically via the e-Apostille program.  This program is offered by the Department of Internal Affairs’ Authentication Unit. An e-Apostille functions in exactly the same way as a physical copy of the Apostille certificate.  With the Apostille certification, your document will be accepted in more than 100 countries that participate in the Hague Apostille Convention.  These include the … [Read more...]

Apostille in the Electronic Age for New Zealand

Citizens of New Zealand who need documents to be certified for use overseas can now get them verified electronically, thanks to the new e-Apostille service from the Internal Affairs Authentication Unit. E-Apostille can be used to certify marriage certificates, travel documents, letters from attorneys, and more. The system is expected to cut submission and processing times dramatically because it creates secure versions of paper documents that can be emailed overseas, instead of relying on … [Read more...]