How to: Get a Diploma Apostilled in Japan

Japanese students and recent graduates looking to work and study abroad will need their degrees, diplomas, or certificates earned in Japan to be recognized overseas.  The Certificate Section of the Foreign Ministry’s Consular and Migration Division handles certification of these types of documents. In Japan, there are two types of certification for a document: a koin, which is an official stamp, and an Apostille, which is an official addendum. A koin is available for degrees, diplomas, and … [Read more...]

Hague Conference and NNA Collaborate on Electronic Apostille Program

The Hague Conference on Private International Law is partnering with the National Notary Association (NNA) to introduce the Electronic Apostille Pilot Program (e-APP).  The program is intended as a solution to reduce document fraud and business costs by streamlining business and fortifying security. Apostilles are used all over the world for a variety of documents, including powers of attorney, contracts, and international adoptions. The apostille provides a “seal of approval” from the … [Read more...]

Are We There Yet? Travelling Internationally With Children

Travelling abroad with children can get complicated because governments want to do their best to prevent parents from taking their children out of the country and not coming back, which is also known as international child abduction. If you are vacationing with your children out of the country and are married, some countries (such as Mexico), may require you to obtain your spouse’s permission in order to take your children out of the country without him/her. If you are divorced this is not … [Read more...]

Russia’s Price on Higher Education

Although many Americans complain about the price of higher education, in Russia the price tag for an advanced degree (Master’s, Ph.D., etc.) runs around $40,000—literally. Russian citizens have been purchasing fake diplomas for years with little to no consequences. With the penalty for knowingly buying a fake diploma being a maximum $2600 fines and two years of “correctional labor,” coupled with the fact that employers seldom check the authenticity applicant’s diplomas, it is unlikely the … [Read more...]

Oman Joins the Hague Apostille Convention

Citizens of several countries planning to move to Oman will see a change in document certification regulations. These changes are a result of Oman joining the Hague Apostille Convention in late January.  Under the convention, official documents issued in Oman can now be certified, or apostilled, for legal use in all other participating countries. This news benefits the large South Asian expatriate community in Oman that is now able to use Indian documents more easily. Those planning … [Read more...]