In 2006 the e-Apostille testing programcolombia_apostille was first introduced as a way of processing and issuing apostilles electronically.  With e-Apostille, you can use a software to apply for an apostille online, as well as to verify the authenticity of a foreign apostille.

So far only a few authorities have adopted the e-Apostille program.  This includes the country of Colombia and the state of Kansas, U.S.A.  For now, the program in Kansas are reserved for
corporations only.  As of now, there is not an automatic way of receiving an apostille.  Regardless of which apostille service one uses in order to obtain the apostille certificate, the participating states will process the application in the same way—that is, via paper applications and standard mail.  However, the e-Apostille program is expected to continue growing in the near future and to eventually replace the old paper method completely.