Assisting FBI Background Checks

There are several ways to obtain a background check from the FBI.  With the proper authorization by the applicant, a family member or friend residing stateside can file an application and obtain the document from the FBI.  There are also third party service providers, such as the one offered by Atlanta Notaries & Fingerprinting in Atlanta, who can help you with your background check application—making things faster and easier.  Finally, there are FBI-approved channelers.  A list of these … [Read more...]


In 2006 the e-Apostille testing program was first introduced as a way of processing and issuing apostilles electronically.  With e-Apostille, you can use a software to apply for an apostille online, as well as to verify the authenticity of a foreign apostille. So far only a few authorities have adopted the e-Apostille program.  This includes the country of Colombia and the state of Kansas, U.S.A.  For now, the program in Kansas are reserved for corporations only.  As of now, there is not an … [Read more...]

The Republic of Moldova transitioning to e-Apostilles

The Republic of Moldova released an official statement announcing that the country is transitioning to e-Apostilles.  The new regulation pertaining to e-Apostilles will be officially approved next week and  implemented by the end of September, 2013. As a result of the adoption of e-Apostilles, paper Apostilles will no longer be used for public documents processed in Moldova. Like the other countries who have transitioned to e-Apostille, Moldova will be relying on PDF technology and digital … [Read more...]

APEC’s Economic Committee Strongly Favors the Apostille Conventions

After attending the workshop on the benefits of adopting the Apostille Convention, USA representative for APEC observed that APEC’s Economic Committee clearly favors full participation in the Hague Apostille Convention.   This is because the committee believes that the adoption of the Hague Apostille will positively strengthen the EoDB (Easy of Doing Business) program, promote international connectivity, and fall in line with APEC’s broader goals of liberalizing international trade and … [Read more...]

E-Apostille Now Available in New Zealand

Kiwis who need their documents to be officially verified for use abroad can now apply and receive them electronically via the e-Apostille program.  This program is offered by the Department of Internal Affairs’ Authentication Unit. An e-Apostille functions in exactly the same way as a physical copy of the Apostille certificate.  With the Apostille certification, your document will be accepted in more than 100 countries that participate in the Hague Apostille Convention.  These include the … [Read more...]

Background Checks in South Korea

Criminal background checks just got a lot harder for foreigners who want to work in South Korea or apply for South Korea visas. Formerly, any type of Criminal Background Check (including those obtained from the local or state law enforcement agency) would be acceptable for use in South Korea, as it had an apostille certificate.  Nowadays, only Criminal History reports obtained from the FBI (with an apostille) will be accepted. The problem is, FBI Criminal History reports take a lot longer … [Read more...]